Conspiracy Test Runs

by Norman Fairbanks

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Originally released in 2007 this little gem was waiting in the locker for a very long time. It's a rare mix of the same-titled album, focusing on politically motivated audio and critical relevant sound for the post-Cold War era.

"Conspiracy Test Runs" consist of three elements. First of all Terre Thaemlitz' masterpiece "The Laurence Rassel Show" - a unique work on gender identity, gender politics, ethnicity. Secondly tons of pretty odd samples and found noise produced during the Bush White House years, when the war on terror was still part of the daily news. Last but not least there are my own recordings too, created at a time when I've just switched from my hardware heaven to pure software and lots of new handmade VST machines - for the better I must say.

All this makes for a pretty enjoyable radio play, perfectly suitable to entertain you while you're commuting to work in an overcrowded subway or getting a sunburn at some radioactive contaminated seaside resort in Japan.


Conspiracy Test Runs - Part 1

The Twist - Part 2
All About Eve
Chateau Marmont
Element 4
The Last Broadcast
Listen To The Cowboy

Conspiracy Test Runs - Part 2

Jesus Appears
Engine Kiss (She's Always Careful To Return)
The Pitfall
Fucking Amateurs
Dick Laurent Is Dead
Red Floor 86
It Pays Off


released June 30, 2015

Samples borrowed (with or without courtesy - and not in alphabetical order) from: Negativland, Terre Thaemlitz, Comatonse Recordings, several unknown American political activists, G.W. Bush, ISFAH (Impulse Shopping First Aid Hotline), The Weatherman, Laurence Rassel, the NYC all-volunteer network for free mental health support, two private security officers from Michigan, the Law Office of Jeffrey S. Glassman, Allen Ginsberg, Jim Muir (BBC London correspondent in Beiruth), Stevie Simala Grant (for the Fisherman's Sermon), Senator John Kerry, some student writing nihilist poetry, Donald Rumsfeld, my son, Clint Eastwood, the Salina Police Department, some random kids, a Boeing-747 air traffic radio recording approaching Austin / TX, Jeff Bridges, Valerie Spencer, John Goodman, the Coen brothers - and many more.



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Norman Fairbanks Los Angeles, California

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